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*Criteria to join our programme

The programme is created to bridge the skill gap between universities and the industry. Thanks to an Amsterdam unemployment subsidy, you can join this programme for FREE, but to do so you have to adhere to each the following criteria.
On the first day of the start of your programme you:
  • Have to be between 18-26 years old. No older than 26 on the first day of the programme.

  • Must have a Dutch social security number.

  • Must have received a HBO/WO bachelor's degree (or higher) from an accredited Dutch university.

  • Need to understand fluent, spoken (business) Dutch. The programmes are taught in Dutch.

  • Are NOT allowed to be registered at a University on the first day of your programme.

  • In the 5 months before the start date of your programme you cannot have worked (in total) more than 400 hours (this is 20 hours per week on average). This rule does not apply to freelance or internship hours.